Saturday, February 13, 2010

This winter in Shanghai

Last night it was very cold, this morning I found the wall behind the curtain was wet because of the cendensed moisture in the warm room.
It's sunny today, I went to a park nearby with my family.Suddenly we found ice slush, it's the first time I saw it in Shanghai. Very interesting. The photos are here:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

JavaFX colorlines game (on JavaFX 1.2)

One of good things at Sun is that there are always new technologies to play with, even if it's not related to my daily job. In November, 2008, I did a simple implementation of colorlines game with JavaFX, of course it runs on JavaFX 1.0. 
Over one year passed, I know there's a lot of changes from JavaFX 1.0 to JavaFX 1.2. So today I decided to upgrade it. Fortunately, I don't need change one line of codes, it passed  compilation with JavaFX1.2 on Netbeans 6.8.  However, it had problem during runtime on Windows XP: running as applet is O.K., but running as web start did not show anything. Then I changed to ubuntu linux and opensolaris, everything worked fine. I checked the source codes and Java debug console, but could not find any clue, It's so weird. 
Anyway, JavaFX 1.2 showed faster than JavaFX 1.0. I put the codes to Google Code. If anybody can point out the problem I will  appreciate that  very much.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The best tribute I've ever read about Sun Microsystems

This was written by @jimparkinson on his blog :

About this blog (why I am here)

I had several blogs, SDN China, msn live spaces, javaeye, and Sun blog. Due to various reasons (company rules, privacy protection, censorship, etc), I emptied or discontinued them.
Currently I decide to use as my blog site because it's free (free of charge and free to speak, no censorship), although is blocked by some countries, which means the users need to work around the firewall to read/write blogs on